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Birth Photography FAQ’s


What exactly is birth photography?

Birth photography isn’t just pictures of the actual birth. It is the telling of the story of the day your child is born in photographs. All of the details and emotions of the day will be captured for you to forever look back on.



How far in advance should I book?

In order to avoid having two women in labor at the same time I typically only book 2 birth sessions a month. Because of this I recommend booking your birth as early as possible in your pregnancy. This way your spot is guaranteed and I won’t plan any family vacations or out of town weekends around your due date either. All that is needed to book is a 50% deposit at the time of booking.


Is it awkward having you in the room since I don’t know you?

I am very discreet and by the time I get to the hospital you will be pretty far along in your labor, most people tell me that they didn’t even notice me taking pictures during the delivery process. I tend to blend in with the medical personnel. I am also happy to leave the room during any moments that you feel that you need privacy, just let me know.

How much Nudity will be in the photographs?

I typically avoid nudity in the photographs by using creative angles that will still tell your story, without showing any nudity. If a mother requests photographs of the baby actually coming out I am happy to accommodate, but I do try to be as discreet as possible when in the delivery room.
When do you come to the hospital?

I ask my families to stay in close contact as your due date approaches. Let me know when you even think that you are in labor so that I can make arrangements and get my gear ready. I will come to the hospital (or home) when you are in the later part of labor and capture everything leading up to delivery and for approximately 1 hour to 90 min post delivery.


How many images will I receive?

A typical birth gallery will have 100+ images
What is included in the birth package?

Currently it includes the delivery coverage, a disc of images with print release and a slideshow with music for you to share with friends and family.


Can you photograph our older children meeting their new sibling?

Absolutely! As long and they can arrive within the time that I am still at the hospital.




Do you take any video?
I do take some video clips while at the hospital and incorporate into your slideshow and deliver to you on your disc as well. If there is something that you would specifically like me to take a video of, please just let me know and I am happy to accommodate.

What if I have to have a c-section?

If you must have a c-section, unfortunately I most likely will not be allowed to go into the OR. I usually leave the hospital for a while and come back when I am permitted to visit. I encourage the dad (or birth partner) to take video and photographs in the OR and send them to me and I can add those into the slideshow for you as well. I also will come back to the hospital during your stay and do a mini hospital session in order to get some images when mom is feeling a little better so that I have enough for the slideshow.